Things To Know About Mexican food

The trickiest part of organizing an event is to choose the menu for the guests, as one has to maintain the balance of the menu with the theme of the event. When it comes to entertaining your guests, foods and beverages play a crucial role. As an event planner, one is likely to be responsible for collaborating with a good caterer to choose the right menu for the guests. While it comes to selecting the menu, it always better to select a particular cuisine rather than choosing a mix of culinary dishes.

Of late it has become a trend to opt for specialized cuisine that has a direct relationship with some specific country. And if you opt for this type of idea then you should look for experts who can prepare an authentic meal. While choosing the menu one should keep in mind that the meal on the menu should look delectable with colours and flavours. In that case, choosing Mexican food catering appears appropriate for an event.

Why Should You Go for Mexican Cuisine?

An event requires three meals for the whole day- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In terms of serving you can go for buffets as people can take as much as food on their plate. Now speaking about Mexican dishes, the cuisine oozes flavors as they are cooked with lots of spices and serves with salsa. Most of the people find this cuisine attractive as they are combined with meats and vegetables. You can find a significant kick of chillies that give the taste buds a different pleasure. They use chilies in different forms; dried, fresh, smoked and in pickle form. The use of herbs like cilantro, oregano make dish rich and nutritious and that fact attracts the people. Therefore, you need to choose Mexican food catering to bring an authentic taste to the menu.

The cuisine varies with the region of the country and so do the ingredients; for instance, the northern part of Mexico uses a lot of meat in their meal. The taste also varies with the geography of the country the northern cuisine of Mexico use less spice and more sugar. On the other hand, central Mexico uses roasted and stewed meat in their dishes, the south-eastern part uses a lot of fishes, spices, and vegetables which indicates the Caribbean influence in it. These types of variation will add dimension to the event’s menu.

The Specialty of the Cuisine

Corn is a staple of this cuisine; you can find corn in different forms. The cuisine is incomplete without tortillas, it is flatbread made of corn flour. Tamales is a dish which has beans and tortillas. Burrito is a dish made of grilled tortilla which is filled with meat, lettuce, salsa, etc. The dishes are healthy because they are mostly grilled or lightly fried with olive oil. Taco is another dish, the main ingredient is tortilla accompanied with meat and vegetables.

It is seen that people savor this North American cuisine due to its variety of tastes. Choosing this cuisine is healthy at every meal has vegetables and meat in equal ratio. This made every meal balanced and nutrient rich. It can be inferred that choosing this North American cuisine is a wise decision for both formal and informal event.